Monday, November 15, 2010

The Prodigal Blogger

Blogging is one of those things I always mean to do.  I find myself musing about something random, inspired by something I see, or provoked by the thoughts of others and I think to myself "that would make a great blog post."  The problem is I rarely get around to committing the thoughts in my head to paper, much less internet.  It's probably because I know that writing is not a short or easy process.  It involves sitting down and really thinking through my thoughts so that they make actual sense, condensing them so that they're readable and not as rambly as I am when I talk, and then proofreading to make sure that all my subjects and verbs agree.  I start out thinking it will be a 15 minute process and it ends up taking an hour and I wonder what else I could have used that hour doing since there are always other things to be done.

Why do I feel this urge to blog, you ask?  Not really for readership (since I don't widely advertise my blog or often share it with others) and not really because I feel like I have amazing things to add to the greater world wide web conversation.  Mostly for my own posterity.  I am more likely to type up my thoughts online than sit down with my journal and write them out.  I am also more likely to pull up my own blog and read the things I've written and remember thoughts, feelings, desires, and expectations from those moments in time than I am otherwise.  The blog world really is no different from my real journal world (save a little censoring of truly personal details) because I write in my journal like it's going to some day be read.  I realized early on that if I wrote down every thought I ever had, I could only guard them for so long because some day I'd inevitably die and who knows what would happen to them then.  So I write in my journal like it's going to be read and published some day.  Of course there are things in there that I wish I hadn't said, written, or thought... but such is life.  It's not like the boy I liked at that time was so secret or my frustration with my situation so hidden anyway.

So.  That's all to say that my goal is to blog once a week.  As this blog is one named after my love for cake and has featured very little cake, maybe I'll get back on that subject.  Or maybe I should have named my blog "Christine Hearts Cake and Likes to Ramble" and that would have been a more accurate description.  In any case, I have been doing a whole lot of baking, even with my more than strenuous commute, and so there are a couple of blog ideas and a whole lot of pictures waiting in the wings.  I'm excited for my first set of holidays in my own kitchen.  I'm going to go holiday cookie crazy... I've already invited some friends over for a nice little cookie party.  Maybe there will eventually be a post on that :) 

In the mean time, hang tight.  I'll be riiiight back.