Sunday, September 20, 2009

Brulee (said like Goulet)

I love all desserts.  Cake especially, but desserts in general.  This past week I found the crème brulee man and had one of his delightful little treats.  The first time I encountered him, he was not with his usual cart (he normally sells it from a cart), but rather was selling his sweet treats from the 4505 Meats booth at the Thursday Ferry Building Farmer’s Market (good stuff, check it out – Tuesdays are fruits and veggies, Thursdays are for food).  I had lavender on Thursday and it was pretty good – the lavender flavor was light and the crème brulee was creamy perfection.  As a result of this wonderful first experience, I was determined to have a second and try more of his flavors (he does vanilla, frosted flakes, coffee, lavender, and probably a few others, but those are the only I’ve been exposed to).  I found out Friday afternoon that crème brulee man would be in Hayes Valley on Saturday, and since T and I were having breakfast in Hayes Valley anyway, we decided to hang around and wait for the crème brulee man to appear.  We saw him and literally walked by a couple of times while he set up.  In the end I acknowledged and apologized for my stalker status, and got some yummy coffee crème brulee.  Our stalking paid off though; we’d gone into the store where he said he’d be set up and got $1 off our crème brulee AND we were the first ones of the day.  Magnificent.  Yesterday’s was slightly disappointing.  The flavor of the coffee crème brulee was excellent – strong and perfectly paired with the creaminess.  The texture, however, was a little off.  He said a few of them were too firm, so he put them aside , but the one we got was a little too soft.  More pudding than the firm creamy crème brulee.  I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, since we were the first of the day, and say that I’ll be back again for more one of these days.  I mean, really, where else can you get a quick bite of crème brulee goodness?  Yum.  If you’re in San Francisco, you must twitter-stalk this man and find him at least once.  It’s hyped and trendy, sure, but that’s part of the experience :D

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