Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let Her Eat Cake

As my "about me" on the side says, growing up I was never much of a cake person.  I can't even tell you when I happened upon my love for cake, I can only tell you that I'm here.  And I do.  Love cake that is.  All types.  Chocolate, vanilla, pumpkin (one of my favorites)... you name it, I'll eat it.  Well, kind of.  I don't really like fruit in my chocolate, or in my cake, but that's a different story entirely.

I think one of the funniest thing about my love for cake (baking it, eating it, bringing it to others) is that others catch on of my great love and they bring me cake accordingly.  I have some amazing friends... so thoughtful and kind!  One of my favorite things about it is that it allows me to try cake from different bakeries that I might not normally find on my own...

Such as the lovely cupcakes that Kim brought me for my birthday from this cute little bakery called That Takes the Cake on Union Street.  In that box with the cute little logo was a mini red velvet (that I promptly ate, hence why it is not pictured here), a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting (the pink one), a vanilla cupcake with coconut frosting (the white one), and a German chocolate cupcake that was seriously so amazing.  I've never seen a German chocolate cupcake, and have only recently experienced German chocolate cake, and I was super impressed with this cupcake in particular.  I've got to say, in my mind this place easily surpasses Kara's or even Sprinkles.  Don't get me wrong, I love both Kara's and Sprinkles' cupcakes, but I have my gripes with both of them.  Kara's frosting tends to be a little on the oily side for me, and Sprinkles frosting is just so thick and dense and the frosting to cake ratio is a little on the high side.  That, and a fresh Sprinkles cupcake is amazingly light and delicious, but they wilt fairly quickly.  I guess that's the thing, right?  These cupcakes are meant to be eaten right away.  Except who goes to Sprinkles and just gets one for that moment?  Okay, maybe it's only me who always wants one to bring home too.  Anyway, this was not supposed to be a comparison so much as a statement of my love for this bakery.  Their cupcakes are the perfect blend of dense and fluffy and their frosting... Uh-mazing.  Their buttercream is firm and flavorful without being completely overwhelming and their frosting to cake ratio is excellent :D

One of the things I particularly enjoy about That Takes the Cake is the way they name their cakes.  Red Velvet is not "red velvet," it's "Gentlemen Prefer Redheads."  Vanilla is not plain old vanilla, it's "Blonde Bombshell."  Another thing I found inspiring is the way they pair the conventional with the unconventional, like that German chocolate cupcake.  Or their cocktail cupcakes that I have yet to taste, but some day will.  It's the little things like this that set a bakery apart and help it stand out in my mind.  The cute decor and the fantastic cupcakes also help ;)  I've only had their cupcakes twice, but believe me, I'll be back.  Especially since it's on my way home from work :D


  1. Have you ever had the strawberry one? I think it's called prom queen. My friend says its amazing, but I haven't tried it yet. I think I will soon...

  2. oOo no I haven't. I'm usually not a fan of fruity cupcakes, but for some reason that just sounds fantastic. I might go this weekend for a little treat. Or I might try Tartine. We'll see :D